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#1 real estate CRM software for accelerated sales

Built for real estate agencies of all sizes, KMZ CRM offers cutting edge sales process management, property management, and automation for real estate agents, real estate developers, and brokerage firms. Bring home more deals with the all-in-one real estate CRM platform that’s crafted for your business. This Real Estate CRM Portal offers a complete solution starting from a Website listing of Properties to Agent Login , Sales and Commission tracking to small and medium size real estate Company. Built on PHP and Bootstrap it offers essential features to run your Real Estate Company. This is designed to be flexible with expanding capacity so a business can scale up or down according to the requirement their CRM demands, which is often based on the number of users and storage requirements also scales up and down as your requirements change. In most cases scaling up is as simple as contacting your cloud CRM vendor and requesting changes to your implementation.

What is a real estate CRM software?

Real estate CRM software is a system that caters to the multiple requirements of real estate agents and real estate firms. From managing incoming requests, to preparing price quotes, to selling a property, the real estate CRM system takes care of the end-to-end process management for real estate agencies. With dynamic capabilities on both desktop and mobile, you’ll have more time to concentrate on every deal on hand and grow your business.

How is CRM important for realtors?

When it comes to real estate businesses, the way you engage your existing customers plays a crucial role in how you acquire future customers. Real estate is all about building trust, and it’s no surprise that 82% of new property sales are referrals from either existing contacts, previous clients, family, friends, or relatives. Essentially, implementing a CRM software can work wonders for realtors by helping them manage their incoming leads, track interactions, and stay on top of important tasks

Key features of real estate CRM software

Capture and convert leads

Swiftly move your leads through your sales pipeline using KMZ CRM’s highly effective lead management features. Generate leads from webforms, website live chats, social media, or business cards, and push them into your KMZ CRM sales funnel. Automatically assign leads to sales reps using predefined workflow rules and use lead scoring to see which prospects your team needs to focus on.

Easy invoices and bills

KMZ CRM helps you complete your sales cycle by enabling your team to create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in their accounts. Manage all your post-sales processes using powerful inventory management features, and share your quotes and invoices to prospects through custom email and invoice templates.

Benefits of a CRM software


Improvement in lead conversion rates


Revenue increase per sales person.


Improvement in customer retention rates


Increase in customer satisfaction rates

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