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Visuals Workflow of Web Admin Pane


With the help of Dashboard, the admin can view all summary details of taxi systems in graphical forms like total numbers of users, drivers, riders, vehicle type, revenue, and recent ride list.


Manage Riders

Admin can manage the fox-taxi app users from here. They can view the list of all users with the details of their name, email, contact info, ratings, and ride history. Admin has access to block the user if they get any unauthorized information from any users. Admin can also add, modify, and remove any user.

Manage Drivers

Admin can view all drivers details with name, email, contact details, city, ride history, their ride statements with earning, online/offline status, and uploaded documents.

Un-Approved Drivers: Here admin can view all the un-approved drivers’ list, who created their new registration but still not approved by admin. Admin can check driver’s vehicle details & upload documents and then take a decision to approve it or not.


Admin can view all requested ride request from here with the details of user name, driver name, pickup & destination address, ride fare, vehicle type, and ride status.

Scheduled Ride: Here check the list of all schedule ride book for future purpose with the info of the date & time of pickup location.
Canceled Ride: List of all canceled rides details which was canceled by users or drivers with the reason of cancellation.

Manual Booking

If any users want to book a new ride request, but not know how to use the Fox-Taxi app system, admin can manually book the new ride for the user. Admin will book the ride request with details of user contact number, ride pickup-destination location, pickup date & time, with manually assign the nearest driver.

Manage Vehicle

Admin has access to add, edit, remove vehicle service in the taxi system. Admin can add vehicle services like SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, and Luxury with the details of the vehicle type, cost per KM, vehicle icon, and On/Off status.


This section is to expand your business system. Admin can add country and city name where the system offers the services.


Earning Reports

Admin can view both site earning reports & driver earning reports. Admin will see the details of the ride id, ride type, driver & user name, pickup date & time, driver commission, admin site commission, and payment type of the ride.


Manage Documents

In the document section, Admin will add and modify the required document as per the system requirements like vehicle insurance, driver id proof, driving license, and more system documents.


Review & Ratings

Admin will check the rating & review which is given by the user to driver as well as driver to user in the app. You can check all review list of an individual ride review with the details of ride id, user & driver name, rating, comments, and date & time of the ride.