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The Real Significance of CRM for Managing the Doctor-Pateint Relationship.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a vital component of the doctor-patient relationship. This is true even though patients aren’t viewed as customers in the traditional sense. Using a CRM system like KMZ Clinic CRM Solution, you can follow each patient’s journey all the way from the first point of contact through to treatment.

About KMZ Clinic CRM

A Clinic Management Software Designed and Developed By KMZ Cloud – A Web Hosting Company

Best EMR & Clinic Management System

Close more deals than ever, token generating system, patient’s and doctor’s records management, smart doctor’s accounting and complete clinic collection….

KMZ Clinic CRM is a medical practice management software. This customizable medical practice management system includes Patient Care Management, Doctor Management, Schedule Appointments, Secured Database, Accounting , Cloud Data Access and Backup Support.

KMZ Clinic CRM is a web-based centralize clinic software available both in On-Premise and Cloud Account. This is a complete medical practice management system best suitable for mid-scale medical clinics, individual medical practitioners, and third-party medical billing companies.

Why KMZ Clinic CRM?

Centralize System

At KMZ, We believe people need some easy to use software under his budget. All clinic can’t afford heavy software So here we are bringing this amazing Centralize Clinic Management Software for you at Free and Paid version both.

Easy to Use - faster & smarter

KMZ CRM helps you complete your sales cycle by enabling your team to create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in their accounts. Manage all your post-sales processes using powerful inventory management features, and share your quotes and invoices to prospects through custom email and invoice templates.

Support & Backup

KMZ CRM is Fully Web Base Software which is completely centralize. Which mean all clinic detail will store in one database and they will not conflict with other clinic. If you have any issue with you account So you can create case with the help of built in case feature.

KMZ Clinic CRM Features

With all these amazing feature you can start using this application today.

Token System

With the help of Token System you can create a Token, modify or delete a Token and set Token with only patient unique id.

Patient Record

Store patient records at one place in secured environment and access them anytime. Check patient checkup’s history.

Doctor Record

Manage Doctor’s record and modify it from anywhere. Check all Doctor’s collection detail with checked patient record.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamlined patient appointment with follow up scheduling and queue management. Really Easy with KMZ Clinic CRM.

Cloud Data Access & Backup

Access KMZ Clinic CRM from anywhere in world with cloud access. Live Data Backup on cloud.


Check all doctor’s accounting details and complete clinic’s collection details online using our CMS.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamlined patient appointment with follow up scheduling and queue management. Really Easy with KMZ Clinic CRM.

Customer Support

Support comes as second nature to us. Read user reviews on the quality of our support you will enjoy.


Get free updates to all KMZ CRM account. We deliver security update, feature update and theme update.

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